I am Hannah.

I'm Hannah J. Nicdao. Curiosity, beautiful visuals, and an annoying love for well-functioning systems fuels my passion and creativity.

Currently at ustwo Sydney as a senior product designer.

Yep, another one of those client logo grids

I design products.

I've spent the last 8+ years designing, strategizing, and building in digital spaces with a human-centric approach. Much of that work is protected by NDA (#womp). But here's a taste of what I can show you.

Australian Government
DTA Design Guide

Responsive web, accessibility, atomic design systems, living style guides

Client: Australian Government Digital Transformation Agency

Collaborating with a team at the Australian Government Digital Transformation Agency (DTA), we created an open source CSS framework and living design guide that would be used across thousands of Australian government websites to bring cohesion and consistency across all. It was created as a tool and source of truth for developers, designers, and content creators in government agencies, enabling teams to efficiently and accessibly create digital services.

Roles & Responsibilities

Product owner, product design lead, user research and usability testing, prototyping, front-end development support


March - September 2016

Daybreak App

Android, iOS, health, psychology, well-being, social networks

Client: Hello Sunday Morning

Taking cues from people's interactions with their existing online support community and evidence-based treatment methodology for alcohol moderation, I worked with the Hello Sunday Morning team (health specialist, CTO, and tech team) to create a product that better supported their users through the challenging terrain of habit change. By identifying pain points through common user journeys from both a UX and health perspective, we strategized and built a new iteration of the app that encouraged healthy habits, moderation, accountability, self-reflection.

Roles & Responsibilities

Product design lead, user research strategy, prototyping, interaction design, visual design


December 2015 - January 2016

I illustrate.

Humans are a particularly visually-stimulated species and illustration has an underrated power to spark anything from heavy emotion to deep understanding.

Here are few nuggets of illustration work from various projects.

This is a teeny preview collection of selected work and thoughts. Get in touch for proper case studies, my process, and all sorts of goodies.

Meanwhile, while I unrust my front-end abilities, this page will update as I iterate and mess around :)